Birds Eye View Presents - The Beguiled

Birds Eye View Presents: The Beguiled


Birds Eye View’s mission is to bring bigger audiences to films by women. They believe that the world should through both eyes not just one – and are celebrating their 15th year in 2017. Mia Bays, Oscar winning producer and director-at-large of Birds Eye View will host this screening of THE BEGUILED followed by a galvanising and fun talk after.

Birds Eye View’s ‘A&Q’ format offers the audience a chance to respond afterwards instead of asking questions. Bringing a dynamic context into the room on how the film was made and why, we then ask smart guest speakers to respond. All speakers end on a question which goes up on screen and the audience then respond, so a dynamic debate ensues. This time we have Sophie Wilkinson editor at large for The Debrief and writer for Vice, Guardian and I-D ; film producer Uzma Hasan (THE INFIDEL) and Rowan Woods, one half of Misc Films and BBC Films development producer.

Academy Award-winner Sofia Coppola is one of those rare directors whose films feel like an event not to be missed. Her latest, a seductive drama with an all-star cast, is no different. A new adaptation of Thomas P. Cullinan’s Southern Gothic novel, A Painted Devil, the story unfolds at an all-girls boarding school in rural Virginia during the American Civil War. When the headmistress (Kidman) agrees to provide temporary refuge for a wounded Union soldier (Farrell), his sudden presence stirs up sexual tensions in the remote mansion. As each of the women falls for his charms, their tight-knit sisterhood buckles under the weight of deceit and jealousy, and taboos are broken in a dark and unexpected turn of events.

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