Industry Insights: Annalise Davis – Filmonomics Plus Producer

Industry Insights: Annalise Davis – Filmonomics Plus Producer


Why do you think you are a producer?
I love films. And I love how multifaceted the job of film producing is.

What’s your elevator pitch to describe the kind of films you make?
Female leads in audience-friendly films.

Can you elaborate on why you are drawn to such material/style/genre?
I want to see proper lead roles for women on screen. And I want to make films that audiences want to see, which say something interesting about the world.

If forced to give one tip to new people coming through what would it be?
Keep going.

And what pitfall would you say to a newcomer into your realm is essential to avoid?
Don’t get into film producing if you think it will make you rich.

Tell us about where you come from and how it filters into your work?
I grew up in a few different countries so I’m probably drawn towards viewpoints that are slightly outside the norm.

Tell us about the latest film / exhibition / book / public figure / article to have inspired you?
Michelle Obama.

What frustrates you about what you do?
The time it takes to get a film made.

How do you overcome this?
Patience. Having other creative outlets.

Do you believe in the ‘female gaze’ and what does that mean to you?
Not in a way that’s easy to define, as all women are different. For me, focusing on female leads in films doesn’t have to mean only telling stories that are seen as ‘female genres’. Women can be in any kind of story, and any kind of genre.

Annalise Davis, Producer
Annalise Davis’ first feature film as a producer, UP THERE, won BAFTA (Scotland) Awards for Best Film and Best Director. It won the Main Prize at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema. After a successful international festival run, UP THERE was released theatrically in the UK, in partnership with Distrify, using cinema-on-demand technology to use the audience to decide where the film would show. UP THERE went on to have a network television premiere on the BBC and was distributed by Andersen Digital in the US.

Annalise went on to co-produce THE RAILWAY MAN, starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, working alongside Andy Paterson, the Executive Producer of UP THERE. The film was released around the world in 2014, achieving great box office success, awards recognition and acclaim.