Filmonomics Plus Mentors

Filmonomics Plus Mentors

Announcing the A-list mentors for our inaugural Filmonomics Plus producer programme…

Sam Sniderman
Pulse Films

(mentee: Nisha Parti)




Stephen Kelliher
Bankside Films

(mentee: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor)




Ben Pugh

(mentee: Martin Gentles)




Sue Bruce Smith
(mentee: Uzma Hasan)




Stevan Riley
United Agents

(mentee: Paul Sng)




Charles Steel
Cowboy Films

(mentee: Paul Sng)




Rebecca O’Brien
Sixteen Films

(mentee: Julia Ton)




Alison Thompson
Cornerstone Films

(mentee: Annalise Davis)




Hilary Davis
Bankside Films

(mentee: Wendy Griffin)




Kate Ogborn
Fly Film

(mentee: Jessica Edwards)




Tessa Ross
House Productions

(mentee: Catherine Bray)




Jim Wilson
(mentee: Anthony Ing)



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