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Natalie Sharp on Laurie Anderson’s HEART OF A DOG

BEV sent musician Natalie Sharp (AKA Lone Taxidermist) to see Laurie Anderson’s new film HEART OF A DOG .. she took along a professional dog walker and shared with us her feelings… 

This is not a review.
Its a reaction to a film by Laurie Anderson called Heart of a Dog.
I decided to go and see this film with a professional dog walker of 8 years, because I wanted his reaction to it also. You don’t have to like dogs to see this film.
I want to dream the perceived world through Laurie’s eyes.
She is poetic and philosophical in a primitive way that I can relate to. She’s the queen of metaphor, likening those light circles you get when your eyes are close to a screensaver. Or the US data centre in Utah or the great pharaoh pyramids of Egypt.
I suppose this film lies somewhere between a hypnosis video and a video montage reconstruction thats a little more elegant than than that TV programme 999 for those of you old enough to remember. But really it wouldn’t be out of place in a gallery as a video instillation. Im glad it’s not as more people need to see this film.
(Spoiler alert)
On the tip of the frozen lake that Laurie fell into as a child Iceberg its a film about Lola Bell, the Rat Terrier dog that Laurie loved so dearly. But I actually think that the dog is a kind of catalyst or carrier for Laurie’s dealings with death, love and the bit that happens after you die which according to the Tibetan Book of the dead is called ‘the Bardo’
The dog walker told me afterwards that he thought Laurie was a bit mad and that she was projecting on to her dog.
But I would say that Laurie is a sane, beautiful, curious woman that sees parallels in nature , animals and mankind that we never seem to notice because were so wrapped up in our own thoughts.
Thank you Laurie for making the most elaborate and considered eulogy to your late Husband Lou Reed. Im off to gaze at the clouds.

Heart of a Dog is showing now in cinemas across the UK. Distributed by Dogwoof, to find a screening click here!



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