Filmonomics Future Leaders in Distribution Testimonies

Filmonomics Future Leaders in Distribution Testimonies

Filmonomics Future Leaders in Distribution Testimonies

Participants from our inaugural Filmonomics Future Leaders in Distribution training programme reflect on their experiences so far…

“I couldn’t recommend this course more. It is guiding me in numerous ways to tackle multiple issues I felt were holding me back in everyday business scenarios. The course has proven to be thoroughly enjoyable, offering fresh perspectives and ideas, whilst helping me add to my existing leadership skill set. An unexpected pleasure has been getting to know so many really talented ladies within the industry whom I would otherwise never have met; the wealth of knowledge in the room at every meeting leaves me constantly in awe. I also can’t fail to mention the two ladies in charge, Mia and Julia, whose determination and passion to make a positive change within the film industry is truly inspiring.”

Lucy Hill – Theatrical Sales Manager, Warner Bros UK

“Being the first woman ever appointed in my current role, and having worked as the only woman among teams of exclusively men on several occasions, Filmonomics – Future Leaders is particularly pertinent for me personally at this stage of my career. Mia Bays and Julia Short, along with their carefully selected course contributors, are giving me scope to build new networks, facilitating practical mentoring, and enabling me to develop and harness new strategies – for both immediate and long-term implementation. Equally importantly, I believe my counterparts and I, from a range of UK film distribution specialist fields, shall continue to support each other along the way – with a view to establishing a tangible and talented support network, beyond the lifetime of the course.”

Sophie Doherty – Manager Cinema Sales, Disney

“Future Leaders in Distribution is a hugely inspiring course and has already, after only four months, made a very positive impact on my working life.  It has provided me with practical tools to help with day to day issues such as public speaking, leadership and confidence as well as tools for the future. The course also provides space for us as a peer group to openly discuss the Industry as a whole and our place in it, from our female perspective.  I have found it a wonderful and supportive environment and one which actively encourages us all to be our best selves in the face of sometimes difficult circumstances.  With the depressing statistics of low female representation both in front and behind the camera, as well as in film criticism, this course gives hope and I believe will enable us to help make the changes so desperately needed”.

Sophie Glover – Head of Publicity, Pathé UK

“The course has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. It’s given me a unique opportunity to be part of a network of contemporaries across the film industry and provided a forum where we can share ideas and best practices as well offer each other advice and support.   The inspirational speakers and course workshops have been brilliant. They have helped me enhanced my business skills and develop my leadership style, given me the tools to better navigate challenging work situations, and taught me how to effectively influence and better communicate in business. I’ve learned many practical tips and solutions, which I have already put into practice in the work place!

The bespoke nature of the course has given me the space to explore my personal career goals and aspirations, better recognise my own strengths and weaknesses, and generally gain more confidence in my own abilities. A personal highlight for me was the access to one to one coaching session which was really useful. Future Leaders is a truly inspiring and thoroughly thought provoking course and I believe it will have a positive impact on Film distribution industry as the network created extends beyond the life of the course and the participants take their learning’s back to their respective businesses. I have learned so much about myself and really look forward to continuing this exciting journey over the coming months.”

Louisa Mitchell – Marketing Director Home Entertainment, EOne


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