Filmonomics Filmmaker Profile: Dee Meaden

Meet Filmmaker Dee Meaden

To celebrate the successful conclusion of our Filmonomics 2015 filmmaker training programme, we’re launching a weekly post to profile each of our participants, to give you an insight into their projects and working practice. This week, we chat to Dee Meaden about Sufjan Stevens, fine art and the importance of being surrounded by brilliant people.
  1. Why do you think you are a filmmaker?

I trained in fine art and made sculpture and experimental film for about ten years before moving to narrative film. I think my work changed because I didn’t want to reference narrative anymore in my work but wanted to have the courage to work with it, to create a deep emotional connection with the audience and a world that can consume them or that they can lose themselves in.

  1. What is the project you are burning to make and why?

The feature length version of my short film ‘Some Things Mean Something’. It’s the story of a young man with learning difficulties who believes a poem in a sentimental greeting card is a secret, coded message from his estranged father.

  1. Tell us about the latest film / exhibition / book / public figure / article to have inspired you.

I saw Sufjan Stevens at the Royal Festival Hall this summer and it was an extraordinarily rich experience. I had the sense the whole room was filling up with his presence as the evening went on – it felt almost overpowering and it was hard to believe this was one date in a long tour as it felt like the endurance test of a lifetime for him

  1. What frustrates you about what you do? How do you overcome this?

I am often frustrated by how hard it can be for me to speak about my work and how the opportunity to make the work can rely on a pitch. There’s nothing for it but practise

  1. What advice can you offer up to someone who wants to make filmmaking his or her career?

Surround yourself with people you think are brilliant and give them what they need to do their best work.

  1. Name one way the Filmonomics programme has helped clear the path ahead for you or your project.

Filmonomics created a network of talented, trusted and genuinely supportive fellow filmmakers for me.


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