International Delegates at BEVFF14 - Day 2

Birds Eye View’s International Delegate Programme, run with the British Council, welcomes 21 emerging and established filmmakers from across the globe – Cuba to Pakistan, Sudan to Iran, Italy to Argentina – for four days of training, networking and events. 

Knowledge is power, or so they say, and that was certainly the case for our delegates based on today’s packed itinerary. Role models and inspirational speakers from all aspects of the industry were on hand with insider information and motivational guidance for our international wonder women.

Birds Eye View’s ‘Filmonomics’ strand tackled the sometimes tricky subject of ‘Being Confident’, highlighting the problematic line between egotism and assertiveness within this dog-eat-dog industry. Award-winning filmmaker Joanna Hogg highlighted the importance of daring to have confidence in others within the intensely collaborative world of filmmaking, while novelist & screenwriter Jay Basu emphasized the ability to take the plunge and overcome fear as being key to the creative process.


Our delegates were able to meet some of the UK’s leading female filmmakers, viewing some inspiring shorts from successful homegrown female talent, including Amy Coop’s enigmatic visual comedy ‘Epitaph’ and Nicola Morris’ moving masterpiece ‘The Barber.’ The British Shorts programme was a highlight for our delegates – as Mouly Surya explained, “meeting women filmmakers from all over the world and hearing them share there experiences has been very inspiring”. Laurence Magloire agreed: “to share the process of how you make a movie including advice about funding and distribution has been a valuable experience”.

The final panel of the day, ‘Small Talk’ provided a contextual ‘herstory’ of women in film in a lively account of cinematic female achievements. Pinny Grylls provided an overview of pivotal female documentary makers, arguing that documentary could be viewed as the genre that ‘let women in by the back door’ to the industry. Gabrielle Apicella’s insightful presentation ‘Beyond the Bechedel Test’ offered a range of hopeful ideas on the future of women on screen.

What better way to end such an stimulating afternoon than with BEV’s very special anniversary screening of ‘Bhaji on the Beach’ with esteemed guests Meera Syal and Gurinder Chadha in attendance. And all washed down with beer, bhajis and bhangra, too!



Written by Rebecca Ellis


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