Harriet video report SUN 8 MARCH

Harriet video report SUN 8 MARCH

Sunday was, of course, International Womens Day, and was host to our Regional Screenings Tour –  the UK wide, simultaneous screening of our programmes of shorts from the BEV Opening Night, at 3.30pm in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Newcastle.

So, after first nosing around to see how the Mediascapes workshop at the ICA was going (read Constance Fleuriot‘s account of the workshop here), I dashed down to the Regional Screening at the Ritzy in Brixton to meet local filmmaker Paulette James there and have a super quick chat before she went in. Soon on the blog we’ll report back in more depth about what happened in each city…

Back at the ICA, I wanted to follow up all the mediascapes activity by asking Jackie Calderwood about her specially commissioned e-merge mscape, and find out how it worked, before the sun went down. E-merge_a filmmaking mediascape is running every afternoon until Friday and I highly recommend you try out this unique experience!

The final event that I captured on camera, and by far my highlight of the day, if not the festival, was the Q&A that followed The Time of Their Lives. Director Jocelyn Cammack was there, with 2 of the amazing ladies that feature in the documentary – Alison and Hettie. The audience was completely captivated by them, and the two of them provoked huge inspiration and applaud, with their wit, wisdom and strength of passion. Give these women a TV chatshow! I’m afraid the sound is very quiet (I blame the slightly primitive, but very handy camera I am using), but this shouldn’t affect your enjoyment I hope.

Mediascapes Workshop

International Women’s Day Screening at the Ritzy


The Time of Their Lives


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