Interview: BEV meets director Catherine Hardwicke

Interview: BEV meets director Catherine Hardwicke

On the 23rd November, Andrea Bigger and I had the pleasure of going to see an exclusive first UK screening of teen-vampire-romance film Twilight at the VUE in Leceister Square, London, courtesy of Contender Films.

This was a particularly thrilling event, partly aided by the mini squeals and general breathlessness throughout the audience (which  led me to rapidly regress to heightened-emotion-teen-girl-mentality, very bizarre indeed!), but also thrilling due to the accompanying prospect of interviewing director Catherine Hardwicke in the coming weeks.

This was all in the name of First Weekenders Club – our initiative to support women directors on their very crucial opening weekend to help guarantee the success and merit they deserve.  To be fair, Twilight is already set to be a extra big humungous box office hit, but we all agree that it is still incredibly important to showcase the success of women directors. And of course, we couldn’t possibly turn down the opportunity to gain access to such superb talent, so that we could provide some small insight into her success, for the benefit of you, the Birds Eye View community.

So, on the 6th December,  Andrea and I sat in a waiting room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park, surrounded by a gaggle of journalists, while we were tried hard to ignore their intimidating presence, and nervously whispered over what questions Andrea could squeeze into 6 strict minutes of interview time with Hardwicke.

We met her, she was absolutely amazing, the questions and answers flew by swiftly, I was handed the Beta tapes and before we knew it we were back in the Birds Eye View office, watching my edit on YouTube and marvelling at how professional we had both been (if we may say so ourselves).

You can read about Twilight on First Weekenders Club here, but to give you a taster, watch the interview above.

Twilight dir. Catherine Hardwicke

Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke

Twilight is release on 19th December in cinemas across the UK. Go see it now!


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